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 We are committed to pricing transparency.


 We are committed to delivering value for money.


 What do these commitments mean? They mean that our customers are guaranteed accurate initial costing, specified outputs, clear planning and in- project reporting, a measured return on investment and ongoing quality assessment and improvement of our services through regular feedback and evaluation.


Even better - our customers receive 'Big Four' treatment and standards without 'Big Four' prices. Our customers are offered bespoke solutions: not the 'mass market', process-based solutions often served up by our larger competitors, nor the hidden costs they may try to add on.


Rates are negotiable (especially with regard to volume purchase, for example) but typical daily rates (excluding VAT and expenses) are


  • Administrative support, research, database cleansing and similar: from £150 per day


  • Middle Management team membership and advisory support: from £300 per day


  • Senior Management facilitation and support: from £500 per day


  • Strategic and Specialist support: from £600 per day






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