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Products and Services

BUSINESS CHANGE: From strategy to business plans, new buildings to brand changes, marketing strategy to business development, CRM to internal communications, recruitment to restructure, we have the skills, tools, experience and specialists to bring change about quickly, whilst minimising the risks to core business and to your ability to carry on servicing your own customers.

MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: We are experts in working with management teams in order to understand, define, add or change all or part of an organisation's operation. We can facilitate planning, provide team-building programmes, supply coaching and mentoring, train and teach. We can also help management with the implementation of plans.

QUALITY: You may be considering creating a quality framework, working towards quality accreditation, preparing for re-accreditation or seeking to improve your quality standards overall. We can provide the extra capacity you may need; we can advise on quality standards and help you prepare; we can ensure your quality work is fundamental and of genuine benefit; we can also provide focused 'health checks' (as dry runs for your certification attempt or inspection, for example) and whole organisation 'health checks' to test resilience, stress, efficiency, satisfaction and so on.

SUPPLY CHAIN: If you need to understand your supply chain better, rationalise your supplier relationships, set new qualifying criteria, arrange new terms of business or set up and run a procurement process, ACL is perfectly equipped and experienced to help. We can help you plan the work, implement it with you and measure the return on your investment.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: We can support your business with business development specialists and activities on project, interim and outsourced bases. Our procurement experience, for example, is substantial, and our experience in training staff to take up new business development roles (or improve performance) significant.

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